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Bus Cameras

Klear-View is making security for student transportation easier and safer. Our customized camera packages will fit your needs, and our multiple recording solutions will allow you to choose one that will suit all of your specific needs and budget.

Camera systems are becoming required equipment for buses to significantly enhance student safety, as well as reduce costly litigation. Placing up to eight cameras inside or on the outside of the bus your ability to monitor passengers as well as traffic is dramatically improved. We, at Klear-View, have a wide range of solutions, from basic mobile DVR units, to advanced WIFI and 3G networking systems for remote video monitoring and vehicle tracking. Incorporate a mobile video surveillance system in your bus today to immediately help address the current needs that exist.



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Discrete Product Placement
Products will be placed in strategic places to capture the angles that you want. We can supply tamper resistant, military grade cameras or small discrete cameras with high quality video images.
Multiple DVR Systems
Choose the system that best suits your specific needs. A basic SD-card recording video system, 3G/WIFI networked system with real-time video and GPS or a full Fleet Vehicle Management Solution with unlimited WIFI and GEO fencing alerts.
Alerts will inform you as to where your driver has stopped, if they hit a curb, or are driving too fast. Speak to your driver with a push of a button, they can then reply into a hands free intercom. Drivers’ hands can constantly stay on the steering wheel.