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Klear-View has recently been issued our patent for exclusive rights (in the US, as well as Europe and Canada) of our "The World's 1st and Only True, Visual (Front and Rear) Side Collision Avoidance System!

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Design, develop, and deliver high quality products that will help "save lives" in the personal, commercial and law enforcement automobile industries with driver visual assistance, mobile video surveillance and video analytics.

At Klear-View, we are devoted to preventing the countless fatalities and serious injuries that presently occur due to lack of the vehicle drivers’ vision of their surroundings. In an effort to save lives and avoid senseless injuries, Klear-View has patented a Side Collision Avoidance System designed for all vehicles.

Our Side Collision Avoidance System can be added to an existing vehicle’s onboard navigation system or retrofitted to older vehicles with Add-on features. The visual information displayed on the screen will allow one to see potential oncoming traffic, pedestrians or obstacles when the driver’s view is obstructed. With Klear-View, you can literally see around corners.


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Klear-View has multiple types of DVR systems to choose from. Some DVR systems run 3G with WIFI connection when the vehicle is parked within range. While other systems that we provide, use WIFI hotspots and unlimited WIFI data plans. We offer competitive rates to all of our data plans.
Custom Setups & Designs

Klear-View will customize our systems to your specific needs.  We have a wide range of durable products to meet your demands.  Military grade, water & tamper resistant cameras along with all kinds of viewing LCD screens.

Enhance Driver Visibility
Minimize risk of accidents that currently exist, due to blind spots. Truck drivers have difficulty backing up vehicles due to low visibility. Our added cameras will greatly reduce your company's accident rate. Captured video footage can also reduce litigation costs with irrefutable video proof of any incidents.


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